Introducing The Boozy Bear

Your New
Best Friend


A New Generation of Drinking Buddy

Are you needing a night out? Wanting that perfect gift for your 21 and older friend and not for sure what to get? Can’t decide if you need a drink or a hug? Why not both?

Say hello to Boozy Bear, your party sidekick who will never allow you to drink alone. Boozy Bear is your perfect plus one for any event, tailgates, BBQ’s, or a quiet night in, and loves bachelor and bachelorette parties!

boozy bear

2021 The Year of Boozy

Current release

The Mission Of The Boozy Bear

Remove Boozy Bear’s Hat to reveal the opening to the bottle. Extend the portable silicone funnel to dispense your beverage of choice. Tighten the bottle lid and replace Boozy’s cap.

Boozy can also accommodate other tall bottles such as vodka, rum, wine, etc. Simply unzip the bottom panel of the bear and remove the stainless steel insulated bottle. Insert the bottle of your choice and use the tail to zip the panel closed. Position Boozy’s hat to cover the bottle top.

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Check Out Boozy's Adventures

See where Boozy is visting this month! Follow his travels on Boozy's Adventures!

Boozy Joins You At

Parties & Events

Having a fun night out with friends and family? Bring Boozy with your to enjoy in on the fun! He is a great drinking buddy and will instantly bring a fun time to any experience.

Boozy Joins You At

Weddings & Private Events

Boozy can join you at any wedding to join in on the groomsmen or bridesmaid fun! Private events are always fun for him as well!



Boozy Bear is always ready for your next adventure or special occasion, he comes equipped with removable, dishwasher safe insulated stainless steel *750ML* bottle using the convenient collapsible funnel. Fill the bottle with liquor or beverage of your choice and you are on your way.